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Bonneville Speed Week: DELSEY Collections Keep Up With Life in the Fast Lane

Internacional (Marketwired, 09 de Agosto de 2013) DELSEY Sponsors Speed Week Biker and Record Holder Laurent Dutruel

Internacional (Marketwired, 09 de Agosto de 2013) DELSEY Sponsors Speed Week Biker and Record Holder Laurent DutruelFor speed addicts, the month of August means one thing — Bonneville Salt Flats Speed Week. Since 1912 speed aficionados have been uniting at this world class event, which has spurred numerous land speed records. Marking their commitment to timeless quality, smart travel and avant garde style, DELSEY is extending their support, sponsoring record holder and fellow Frenchman Laurent Dutruel.

A match made with French savoir faire…
The French are known for style, quality and innovation. With over 65 years of experience designing luggage, DELSEY is up to speed, leading the industry with a number of initiatives. In 1970 DELSEY produced the first hard-side suitcase on wheels, in 1993 DELSEY introduced the first dual drive concept bag which can roll on two or four wheels, in 2009 the DELSEY-exclusive Over Weight Indicator was launched, signaling bags that exceed the standard 50 pound weight allowance enforced by most airlines, and in 2013 DELSEY won the Product Innovation Award for their hard-side exterior pocket on the international carry-on bags.

With design-led innovation at the heart of what they do, the team at DELSEY recognizes Laurent Dutruel as a leader in his industry, and is honored to align themselves with him for Speed Week 2013.

Who is Monsieur Dutruel?  

Born in the Haute-Savoie region of France, Laurent "Zen" Dutruel is no stranger to rough terrain. With a lifelong passion for all things mechanical, he began driving tractors as soon as his feet could reach the pedals, had his first motorcycle at age 11, and was racing three-wheelers and quads at 14. As a mechanic, Dutruel proves nothing is impossible. A true visionary, he customizes motorcycles to match his need for speed. Dutruel set records at both the 2009 and 2011 Speed Week races, reaching 143,990 MPH. To kick-off Speed Week 2013, Dutruel and his team have set up a road trip from San Francisco to Bonneville, carving out a 2,020 mile route on the most beautiful highways California, Nevada and Utah have to offer.

DELSEY: built to take you to Bonneville and beyond

What do you need for the ultimate road trip? Take your pick!

DELSEY packs a punch. The iconic brand is best known for their unique ability to blend timeless quality with audacious style. The perfect combination of rigid and lightweight, the fashion-forward hard-side Helium cases come in a wide array of vibrant hues, to compliment any travel ensemble. Fashionistas can play up their style with purple and peony accents, while traditionalists will find the solace in the classic black and silver grey.

Speed Week is the ultimate taste of freedom. Follow Laurent Dutruel and his DELSEY at


For more than 65 years DELSEY has been offering consumers luggage which brings together timeless quality and innovative design, to accompany travelers on all types of professional and personal journeys. Recognized for a wide range of luggage lines that are both lightweight and durable, DELSEY offers a suitcase for every traveler. Today DELSEY is present on all 5 continents and in more than 130 countries. The result? A DELSEY bag is sold every 10 seconds.


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