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Emdat Mobile Brings Documentation Convenience and Cost-Savings to Orthopedic Group

Internacional (Marketwired, 23 de Agosto de 2013) Unique, Robust Functionality Meets Complex Workflow Demands of Busy Academic Practice

Internacional (Marketwired, 23 de Agosto de 2013) Unique, Robust Functionality Meets Complex Workflow Demands of Busy Academic PracticeEmdat Inc., a leading provider of medical documentation technology designed to promote clinician productivity and quality patient care, announced today that Emdat Mobile helped Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush (MOR) achieve their operational and financial documentation goals. MOR is a private orthopedic medical practice affiliated with Rush University Medical Center in Chicago and is widely recognized as the regional leader in comprehensive orthopedic services. MOR, with 40 physicians and 300 employees in six Chicagoland locations, provides full service musculoskeletal care to 55,000 patients yearly.

Seeking a mobile platform for clinician documentation, MOR found their complex academic environment presented unique challenges. Patient visits often involve multiple clinicians — attending physicians, fellows, residents, nurses, physician assistants and medical students — and only Emdat's unique functionality could allow all team members to participate in the documentation process. With Emdat, the busy practice could not only more effectively manage fellows'/residents' involvement in documenting, but also support their mission to teach students of all levels. With Emdat Mobile customized to mirror their intricate workflow, documentation could be dictated, routed appropriately, and then authenticated by team members at any time from any location, speeding completion.

Available for both iPhone and Android devices, Emdat Mobile allowed physicians to use one primary device — the smartphone of their choice — for all communication and documentation, eliminating the need to manage and maintain a digital recorder. Physicians were no longer tied to a device that they wouldn't normally have with them. What's more, the mobile app presents physicians with their daily schedule that can serve as a work list. Tapping on an appointment displays patient demographics, past transcriptions and dictations templates — a rich environment for creating documentation.

MOR executed a phased rollout and transitioned providers to Emdat Mobile on a physician-by-physician basis. The training process was condensed — Emdat Mobile is extremely easy to learn, and new clinicians were up and running quickly. Success with early adopters validated the switch and encouraged subsequent physician buy-in.

Beyond the administrative benefits, Emdat's robust templating capabilities delivered on the promise to reduce documentation costs. A vast library of dictation and document templates generates content that not only prompts clinicians for content, but also quickens the task of dictation. Less typing is required, documents are returned faster, and transcription fees are controlled. "The mobile app makes our documentation procedures and our staff more efficient," said Dennis Viellieu, CEO of Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush. "Beyond that measurable value, the application's efficiencies and extensive templating capabilities reduced our documentation costs by 40%."

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Emdat, Inc. is a leading supplier of web-based medical documentation solutions. Empowering over 20,000 clinicians globally, Emdat continues its single focus to create sophisticated technology designed to decrease cost and maximize productivity and accuracy of the document creation process while protecting the richness of the clinical narrative. Medical facilities, health care providers and documentation service organizations trust Emdat to provide flexible, user-friendly and cost effective solutions that streamline workflow and easily integrate with electronic health record (EHR) systems — automatically populating data — to help ensure successful adoption. Emdat's mobile app allows clinicians to generate documentation from anywhere with a WiFi network or cellular data connection.

Headquartered in Madison, WI, Emdat works with more than 2,600 medical facilities throughout the United States and a network of hundreds of documentation service providers worldwide. More information on Emdat is available at


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