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Successful Root Canal Treatment Begins With Quality Endodontic Equipment

Internacional (Marketwired, 06 de Agosto de 2013) Axis|SybronEndo Offers Top-of-the-Line Supplies for Every Step in Root Canal Therapy

Internacional (Marketwired, 06 de Agosto de 2013) Axis|SybronEndo Offers Top-of-the-Line Supplies for Every Step in Root Canal TherapySuccessful dental procedures are dependent on both the expertise of the dentist and the quality of endodontic equipment. Axis|SybronEndo, a leading manufacturer of endodontic equipment, instruments and dental supplies, takes pride in offering high-quality supplies necessary for every step of root canal therapy.

Diagnose. To test the vitality of the teeth, Axis|SybronEndo offers the Elements Diagnostic Unit, which boasts superior technology for accurate diagnosis. Furthermore, its Satellite Display feature makes for more convenient use at chair side.
Access. Use our LA Axxess Diamond access kit to safely and accurately cut paths from the occlusal surface to canal orifices. LA Axxess burs have parabolic tips that help ensure straight-line angle extensions without ledges or irregularities.
Locate. When locating canal orifices, use ultrasonic endodontic equipment — specifically, Axis|SybronEndo's MiniEndo II. It is the only ultrasonic piezo unit on the market that is controlled and operated by microprocessors designed to deliver the right power and amplitude at the tip.
Measure. Our Apex ID Locator offers predictable, efficient and accurate determination of canal length. It does so using a multi-frequency system, all-digital signal which provides accurate, steady readings in most any condition of the canal.
Shape and clean. To establish a glide path for rotary files, use our M4 Safety Handpiece, which features a watch-winding, oscillating movement that allows the instrument to "float" in the canal. Then, shape the canal using our wide variety of instruments such as: TFA (twisted file adaptive), TF, K3, K3XF, and LightSpeed using both corded and cordless or handpiece systems. Finally, clean the entire canal system with SmearClear, an EDTA-based irrigant with a surfactant and antimicrobial additives which flow better throughout the entire root canal system to consistently remove the smear layer leaving dentinal tubules open for deeper disinfection.
Seal. The key to successful endodontic obturation is the sealer itself. Axis|SybronEndo offers the widest array of sealers on the market — from ZOE to Epoxy Resin based sealers. Our sealers come in both paste and liquid/ powder mixing forms that can be mixed chair side by hand or through convenient auto-mixing tips. When obturating a root canal system, Axis|SybronEndo offers both cordless and corded versions of the top-selling Elements Obturation Unit (EOU). EOU delivers unprecedented predictability, efficiency and accuracy when utilizing warm vertical compaction techniques. 
Trim, finish and polish. Use our Razor Sculpt product to adjust tooth and/or composite material and shape restoration anatomically and aesthetically. Finally, our ProGloss and CeraGlaze polishes allow you to enhance shine on the tooth.

No matter the step in root canal therapy, Axis|SybronEndo's suite of products is reliable, accurate and affordable. To learn more about Axis|SybronEndo's products, visit

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